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About Us

In India, more than 80 lac students every year appear in different competitive exams but only a handful of them achieve the end results.

95% of these exam aspirants don’t know where to focus. Due to sheer negligence, they end up building command on most irrelevant or un-important questions.

Many students are not able to understand the difference between an ‘actually’ difficult question and a ‘seemingly’ difficult one. If simply put, they tend to leave a good number of questions un-attempted considering them too hard to crack while the questions can easily be solved using a right approach and that’s too in 50-60% less time than they earlier attempted to solve them in.

How Topper Temple Helps?

TooperTemple makes heaps of contents go through the state-of-the-art, technologically driven and adaptive application that identifies the ‘trend’ and provides you with most relevant set of questions as per your exam selection and hence helps you focus on actually where it’s needed.

It at the same time through its ‘Rating feature’ gets you to understand which questions are there that are being considered difficult by most of the students.

Next, it offers a smart way to solve a problem that is most likely to come in the exam but ‘seems’ complex to many. In simple words, you’ll smartly be able to answer those specific questions which are crucial and are being skipped by other students and that’s where you can get an upper-hand over your peers.

Why Topper Temple?

Topper Temple is a premier institute for preparation of Government Jobs (IBPS, Bank PO Coaching, Bank Clerk, SSC, SSC CGL Coaching and Other Government Job Exams Coaching). Because of its focus on quality and results, Topper Temple has become a centre of excellence in guiding students through various Government Job Exams.

Topper Temple has a track record of having the best success rate in the industry for past some years.